Our floatation tanks are made by Apollo, it’s founder Richard Meadows who is a sport scientist, has been a leader in innovation with its unique, important non-claustrophobic sliding door design. Floatation sessions occur in a specially designed tank to create a pure sensory relaxation environment. This is done by ensuring the water you are floating in keeps you bouyant, made possible due to the large amount of magnesium sulfate (aka Epsom Salts) it contains. Once inside you will be able to float weightlessly, with your body being perfectly supported by a cushion of silky skin-temperature liquid. The tank water is heated from within the tank via heat panels and controlled at a constant temperature of 34.5°C. Once you are free from all sensation of gravity, outside temperature, sight, sound and touch, all which when combined account for 90% of our neuro-muscular activity, you conserve and then can redirect large amounts of natural mental and physical energy.
Being in a state of ultra-deep relaxation during floating will enable the body to reset it’s metabolic and hormonal balance, this in turn strengthens resistance to, and increases recovery from the effects of injury, illness, strenuous exercise or stress.
Floating has been shown to improve learning abilities,  help to break habits and initiate self-management through whole-brain thinking, and also improve sports performance.
100’s of universities have done research on the amazing effect of floatation therapy, and it has been endorsed in many hospitals and sports training facilities around the world.
Allow floatation to have a positive effect on your natural abilities, your body, and your mind.


When you enter the floatation rooms you will be able to place your personal things in a space provided. Once the staff member has given a run down of the procedures you can lock the door for privacy. It is then advised you take a quick shower before entering the floatation tank, this eliminates any residues or contaminates on your skin. There will be an option to dim the rooms lighting so your eyes aren’t stunned when you are finished floating in the dark tank and hop out.  Ear plugs and liquid bandaid for cuts are also provided to make your float a more comfortable experience.
After floating it is again recommended to have a quick shower to clean yourself of the saturated magnesium water. Body wash, shampoo and conditioner are provided for your convenience. The float water will leave a crusty salt residue on your body if you don’t have a shower.
After you are dressed we respectfully request that your dry your hair or re-apply makeup etc in the powder room provided, this allows us to have time to clean the tank and room and for filtration to occur before the next client.
Generally a 1 hour float session will consists of a 5 min introduction of the process, 5 min shower to wash off contaminates, a 40 minute float and 5 minute wake up period, followed by a 5 minute shower and to re-dress. It is advisable to relax in our waiting area after a float to allow yourself to re-balance and have a drink before going back out into the ‘real world’.


How do I know the water is clean?
We adhere to an extremely strict set of testing protocols not only for your safety, but ours as well. The water is tested twice daily on operational days for hygiene, specific gravity, pH balancing, sterilisation and temperature. The specially designed filters are capable of screening the water down to as little as 1 micron. The entire contents of the tank is flushed inside 5 minutes ready, filtered for the next floater within 15 minutes of a session.
The salt concentration found in the tank (which relates to the specific gravity) will kill almost everything on it’s own, but for added measure bromine (a chlorine substitute) does the rest.

What should I bring?
We suggest you float eliminating as many sensory stimulations as possible, so it is encouraged that hair is tied up, and you either float with swimming attire on or even naked.
You may bring your own towel, or request one upon arrival.

Can I drown?
This is a commonly asked question. The bouyancy of the water makes it extremely difficult for you to turn over unless you sit up and physically force yourself to.  The water is in fact shallow, roughly 30cm, but with over 325kg of Epsom salts it gives you the ability to float effortlessly. Lots of people even fall asleep in the float tank and do not roll over.

Will my skin wrinkle?
No. When you are in a bath water enters the skin via osmosis and it turgid. In a float session, water leaves the skin (reverse osmosis) this  leaves your skin feeling very soft and almost silky thanks to the Epsom salts. Because you do loose a small amount of water via reverse osmosis we suggest you stay for a drink before leaving.

How long till I am good at floating?
It may take a few sessions before you will gain the ability to relax completely, both physically and mentally. For those who are good at meditating or prayer you may find the experience easier to grasp. I personally found it hard to turn the chatter in my brain off for the first few times, it does come with time though. For some music helps to relax them and allow them to be distracted from heir own thoughts. You are able to have your own music or our music played inside the tank via a control box behind the reception counter. Others find they may need the light on inside the tank until they are comfortable, which can be operated from an air switch inside the tank. Each session and our experience with it is different for each of us. Some are able to receive the full benefit of floating in their first session, others like me may take a little while to ‘get it’!


Most healthy adults are safe to use floatation tanks, but they are not usually recommended for those aged under 16 or people who have certain medical conditions. You should always seek professional advise if you are unsure whether a floating session will impact your health, wellbeing, or medication. For those aged under 16 we require adult supervision in the float room. A chair will be provided for those supervising.

The high salt concentration of a floatation tank can cause discomfort to those who have freshly shaven or have been recently sunburnt. Floating is not recommended in these situations. It is also requested that you wait a week after dying hair before using a floatation tank.

You must be physically capable of climbing in and out of the tank unaided. It is easier than entering bath, with a step provided.

You should not and will not be permitted to use a floatation tank if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Floatation is not recommended if you have the following conditions:
~ epilepsy
~ kidney disease
~ low blood pressure
~ suffer from incontinence or any contagious disease, including diarrhoea or gastroenteritis (and for 14 days following)
~ you have open wounds or skin ulcers
~ if you suffer from claustrophobia
~you wear a pacemaker or have a serious heart condition
~have been medically advised not to float
~have a history of ear infections

Check with your health practitioner before using a floatation tank if you are pregnant or are concerned about the following conditions:
~ heart conditions
~ asthma
~ sensitivity to chlorine, bromine, sulfate or magnesium
~ severe skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema
~ psychosis


Introduction special (3 x 1hr floats)- $149 . This is only available for initial purchase in-store, 

but can be redeemed via bookings at any time thereafter.

1hr float – $65

2hr float – $99

3hr float – $149



Freedom Float package – 3 x 1hr floats (same as introductory) $149

Two hour triple package- 3 x 2hr floats $229

Threes a treat package – 3 x 3hr floats $399

Each float session requires a short shower before to remove impurities, and after each session to wash of the magnesium residue. You may bring your own towel or please advise reception if you require a towel.

A powder room is available to dry hair (hairdryer is supplied) and
for re-application of makeup.