The ionic foot detox sessions are a gentle non-invasive therapy. The sessions help to re-energise and support your body enabling it to detoxify naturally, this then helps to restore your natural well-being and equilibrium.

Ionic foot detoxing is a process that is based on both osmosis and electrolysis. When your feet are in the foot-bath an array is placed in the water with them. The machine that is connected to the array delivers a low level electrical current into the water causing it’s polarity to reversed periodically creating negative and positive ions. Himalayan salt is added to aid the electrical current. These ions are taken up into your body by the large pores in your feet (our feet have over 2000 pores). Once in your body the cells are then energised by the ions from the water, the now energised cells are then encouraged to release acids, fats, oils, waste, heavy metals and other debris that your have accumulated in your bloodstream and cells over time. Once released these toxins are then carried out of your body via osmosis through your feet and released into the water.

Ionic foot detoxing rebalances and rehydrates the cells in your body by removing the toxins that prevent the cells from functioning to full capacity.
Ions are our bodies’ electrical energy balance. Our bio-energy system rely on a healthy balance of both positive and negative ions to function at an optimum level.  This ion balance is also required for our cells to complete transportation of oxygen and nutrients to our cells and eliminate toxins. Our body’s are actually electric, this is because our cells are electrically charged. When the cells charge is disrupted it creates and environment where disorders and disease can occur. The diseased cells vibration frequency is not compatible with our healthy cells; therefore they disrupt the healthy cells natural polarity and oscillation. When this disruption occurs it brings with it chaos and imbalance within each cell it affects. Whilst disrupted the cells have a lowered ability to function at a level that is required for healing, having reduced ability to eliminate heavy metals  and other toxins. When the body is in a state of balance the cells are full of oxygen and fully charged, increasing the body to naturally feel healthy and full of vitality, having a sense of well-being and be able to promote the natural healing process.

Each session only takes 30 minutes, this is based on the time it takes for our blood to make a complete circulation through our body.
While detoxing it is highly recommended to drink lots of water before, after and during your session to help flush the toxins out of your system and to reduce the occurrence of headaches, which can be a side effect of detoxing.


~ Pacemaker or any other battery-operated or electrical implant.

~Person who is on heartbeat regulating medication.

~Pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers.

~Organ transplant recipients.

~People undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments, or recently ceased treatments.

~Type 1 diabetics

~Anyone with open wounds on their feet

~Persons who have an organ removed, especially the colon

~People taking a medication, the absence of which would mentally or physically   incapacitate them, e.g., psychotic episodes, seizures, et cetera.

IMPORTANT: users should also be aware of the following:

~People with low blood sugar should eat before an ionic foot bath treatment.

~Users should drink plenty of water before and after each foot bath session.

~Please do not wear metal such as watches (a few rings are sometimes ok). Also refrain from using laptops, phones or other electrical products during the session. The electrical current may possibly damage your devices and Naturally Restored will not be held liable for this!

~People who have a metal joint implant may find that during the session exposure to the electromagnetic field generated by the machine to be uncomfortable, but it is not considered dangerous. If you feel any discomfort stop using the unit immediately, advise staff. Sometimes lowering the mode setting corrects it to a more comfortable level.

~If  you are taking prescription medication, please try to take medication after or at least six hours prior to a session.

~Because the ionic foot detox machine is designed to eliminate toxins that the kidney and liver cannot eliminate on their own, as a general rule, it may be used by persons on dialysis or by those diagnosed with diabetes or congestive heart failure. However, people with these conditions, or any other medical condition, should consult their physician prior to having a foot detox session.


A foot detox session will require you to remove your socks and shoes and place your feet in about 15-20cms of water. Your clothing attire needs to be able to be lifted above this water level so it doesn’t get wet. Loose pants or a skirt would be preferable.

Foot detox sessions go for 1/2 an hour.

$40 per session



Foot frenzy – 10 x foot detox sessions $35